A Unique and Innovative
Business Process Technology Studio

Append Media was founded in late 2014 as a simple and straight-forward custom software consultancy. From those early days of zipping around customer to customer, often stopping to work in coffee shops, we've honed in on our purpose - to help businesses solve very real problems with their internal and external processes. Every business has processes, in fact, process is what keeps organizations together, it's the very essence of business. We realized there is a serious need in many, if not most, industries to re-think and re-evaluate processes that hinder business productivity and effectiveness, and implement a people-focused technological solution. This is often called process re-engineering and business process management - and that is where our expertise revolves.

In late 2017, our team launched a number of initiatives to strengthen our service with new and existing clients. Flight Control™ is a new business process system platform designed to save our customers money, time, and ineffectiveness when leveraging technology for their business processes. Append Media expects Flight Control™ to become available in early 2018.

Core Values

Append Media is a flat organization that values professionalism, creativity, and honesty. Every member of our business is representative of these values. We take pride in delivering quality over quantity, and taking the time to do things right the first time.


Our own internal motto (often scrawled on our whiteboards and in conspicuous areas) is:

"We're all professionals here."

And we mean it. We're here to provide a quality service to our clients, and we mean business.


Append Media's cloud infrastructure is 100% powered by renewable energy. That means our client's can know when we host their platform or are busy crafting their solution, they are helping reduce their environmental impact. That's right - even this website you're reading this on right now is powered by renewable energy!


We're always learning. To gain wisdom as individuals, and as a company, our minds must be open and ready to learn from failures and successes, and adapt to events outside of our control. This ability to quickly adjust and keep moving is an aspect of our company's agility, and the benefits are passed on to our customers and engraved into the bedrock of our culture.


As a small business and a bootstrapped start-up, we understand struggle. We face challenges both technical and social on a daily basis, but our resolve to persevere and find a winning perspective helps us turn troubling situations into opportunities for success.

Meet our team

Chris is the founder, research & development director, and business coordinator of Append Media Studio.

Brandon supports the business team as a marketing coordinator and advocate.

Christopher Eaton

Business Team
R&D Coordinator & Advocate

An entrepreneur and technology enthusiast from an early age. "Business-technology is in my nature, it is the core of my interests and creativity."

Brandon R Huber

Business Team
Marketing Coordinator & Advocate

The tools of my trade are stragic planning, project management, business and interpersonal communication.

Maria Bydanava

R&D Team

"When it comes to front-end development, I have the skills and the passion to deliver every time."

Jeff Wilkerson

R&D Team

"Challenges can always be overcome with comedy relief and a positive attitude, or at least I like to think so."

If you share the same mission and values, Join us !

When you join Append Media, you’re joining a team that is committed to providing the collaboration, services, and maintenance our clients need to securely grow, scale, and drive success. Our team is committed to the highest-quality custom software, delivered on schedule. Append Media offers comprehensive business consultation, cloud-computing integrations, and enhanced visibility of business metrics.