A Serious Question about Your Business Software

Have you ever tried to charge your phone with the wrong cord? It doesn’t work, right? But as soon as you find that you’ve got the wrong cord, you probably don’t try to keep charging the phone.

Spreadsheet Hell: A True Story of an Unstable Business Process

This is the beginning of the tragic story of an employee we’ll call John*. John was a good employee who could do his job well, but unfortunately for him, his job was managing the data of the various franchises of a company.

Unscalable Data Walls: How Not to Track Students

A data wall might sound like some sort of sophisticated, high-tech app, but for one school district we worked for, this was about as low-tech as things could possibly get.

Your Security is Our Priority

Secure data and information are not things that people think about very often. This is mainly because security is directly built into most apps, and the end user doesn’t really need to think about whether their apps are secure.

The Four Pillars of Append Media

Software doesn't just appear out of thin air. It's crafted and produced by dedicated teams of people all pulling together to get the job done.

The Staying Power Of Sustainable Software

At Append Media, we practice sustainable software development. We make apps that last and will continue to provide a return on investment for years to come.

Green Sustainability

The impact of sustainability is long-term growth. When the day’s actions consider the repercussions on tomorrow, present and future efforts harmonically amplify.

Enterprise Software: The Choice

No matter what business process you are in charge of managing—from supply chain logistics to HVAC systems—there is probably a piece of software designed to make that process easier....

3-Steps to Analyze Your Next Project’s Budget

Forecasting how long resources will last is a difficult task for managers because establishing the long-term usage rate proves challenging when the short-term usage is continually changing. Similarly, it is often a challenge to understand ...

5 Ways Local Development Delivers Your Wishes

As businesses grow, so does their online presence, and many enterprises are becoming increasingly interested in building custom applications for employee use. With so many IT firms providing similar services at competitive rates...

Internal Innovation, The Trade Secret To Outpacing Your Competitors

In the information era, software doesn't just drive business, it makes and breaks business. The traditional business strategies that used to work year after year are now resulting in slimmer and slimmer sales. Customers are more demanding than ever for companies to meet their digital-world needs. In...

Finding the Athlete In Your Business

Once your business is running, it's running. But most businesses don't want to go for a light jog, they want to sprint, they want to be jumping hurdles and throwing javelins with ease. You want your business to be active, the athlete among the bystanders. At our start-up (Append Media) we learned...

The Myth Of Buying Over Building Apps

When I was a teenager, I got my first job at a small computer store. It was typical work, selling products, processing returns, handling service tickets, everything you'd expect from a consumer-facing job. The computer store had a policy of checking any returned product's serial number to ensure i...

3 Tips for Dealing with the Ad-Block Reality

If you're an online vendor, it can't be ignored - ad-blocking users are on the rise. In 2017, an estimated 11% of users utilize an ad-blocker. This can mean interference with analytics, conversions, advertising revenues, and even raw sales. This number grew 30% from 2016, and it's likely to contin...

Big Vendor, Little Help

Why is it when I think of how huge R&D vendors operate, only a gripping fear of nickel & diming, bureaucracy, mazes, and wild unfounded charges come to mind? I spoke today with a IS team manager who was wondering if we'd ever charge them for something like a phone call or discussion... Absolutely...