A Serious Question about Your Business Software

Strong Solutions

Have you ever tried to charge your phone with the wrong cord? It doesn’t work, right? But as soon as you find that you’ve got the wrong cord, you probably don’t try to keep charging the phone. We all understand that hardware has compatibility problems, but are you treating your company’s software the same way?

Companies increasingly rely on business software and apps for their processes, but not all software can keep up with the demands of a modern company. This means that a company’s software might be piecemeal, inefficient, and, in general, may work about as effectively as trying to charge a phone with the wrong cord.

Here at Append Media, we know the issues and the problems with business software, and we find solutions to those problems through discovery, consultation, and ultimately crafting a custom software solution that can solve a range of problems from what we’ve started to call “Spreadsheet Hell”, to data management, to the kinds of communication problems medium to large-size offices can face.

The Append Media Process

Our process to finding a unique solution is to start a discovery phase with a company to find out exactly what the challenge is. Companies are all different from one another, so unlike other R&D companies, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to the software we make. Instead, we take a customized perspective, learning individual pain points and discovering what unique issues a company is facing. If we didn’t take this personalized approach to innovation, the problem would never be fully solved, and our clients would still end up with the same set of problems.

From the discovery process, we gain insights that we use for consultation. We’ve noticed that our clients have a very clear idea of the problem but don’t always have a clear idea of the solution. That’s why before we start building, we make sure that we are providing solid consultation first. This means that everyone involved is clear on the steps the project will need, and most importantly, everyone is clear on the product they are getting. Because of this phase in our process, nothing is hidden behind walls of incomprehensible detail. Our consultation process means everyone involved knows the scope of the project and what we are doing. The reasoning here is simple: if everything is clear, our clients know what they are investing their resources into, and they know they are going to see a return on their investment.

After that, we work our magic. With a clear idea of the problems facing a company and what we can do to solve those problems, we begin to craft a unique solution that we can deliver at speed and on budget. We handle all the designing and technical details to quickly and accurately get our clients a useful and reliable product that will improve their business processes and provide a positive measurable impact.

Why Choose Us?

So why Append Media? We offer something unique: individualized business software solutions that can help improve business processes, and we do it all with the care and attention to detail that your company needs. We aren’t a large firm that will treat your business like it isn’t worth the time; instead, we are a company that will take the time to think through your problems, develop a solution, and help you integrate that solution into your business processes to help you get better results. In the end, we make sure that you aren’t trying to repeatedly plug your phone in with the wrong cord. We craft the proper equipment to get the job done.

To learn more about our services, contact us. If you know your business software isn’t working for your business, we’ll see how we can help.