Finding the Athlete In Your Business

Once your business is running, it's running. But most businesses don't want to go for a light jog, they want to sprint, they want to be jumping hurdles and throwing javelins with ease. You want your business to be active, the athlete among the bystanders.

At our start-up (Append Media) we learned very early on it's adapt or die. You cannot be content to simply exist as a company, you must improve or your brand will fall into the distant memory of your customers.


In 2017 we realized we couldn't confidently identify our services. We were trying so hard to meet everyone's expectations that we hadn't taken a moment to even identify our own!

While sipping some coffee one morning, I decided to look into how we could improve our R&D process. This ultimately led me to a great article on Wikipedia about business process management, or BPM.

Business process management ( BPM) is a discipline in operations management that uses various methods to discovermodelanalyze, measure, improve, optimize, and automate business processes.

I was instantly hooked. I realized we had designed an incredible R&D process, but we hadn't taken the time to actually analyze or optimize its impact on our business.

As the team and I took to analysis we realized that we were over-complicating our service offerings, in fact, we found they just weren't well defined. We set out to resolve and optimize our process.


We had to act, we instituted daily sprint meetings and began to challenge the assumptions we'd been making over the past few years. These sometimes intense discussions ultimately led us to a conclusion: Technology isn't what we really offer... What we really offer, is business process improvement through technology.

The realization just clicked. All the pieces fell into line. We aligned our services with BPM so that we could provide process improvement to our clients. Our initial workflow steps became three distinct services, clearly defined for our customers:

  • Abstract: Our "let's talk", initial consultation service, which we offer to clients for free.
  • Concept: The planning stage for technology/process improvement projects.
  • Create: The continuous BPM cycle for projects, including the initial technology build.

We then aligned the services to BPM:

We now had services that enabled our team to understand and act in alignment, and a business process that provides direct value to our clients. What's more is we produced something that could continually improve our projects, and we had the workflow to do it.


BPM gave us the steps to move forward as a company in a very positive way. Our pace of project improvement has increased considerably and our goals have never seemed more clear.

Business process management is the gateway to business process improvement, and it can drastically save your company money and make your customers happy. As a startup ( Append Media ) we were able to quickly adapt and evolve our process to align with a workflow that consistently provides value.

From the Author: Christopher Eaton Hope you enjoyed this brief article - I wanted to share how our company has picked up momentum simply by thinking a bit differently about our own internal processes, and leveraging BPM as a way to follow a cycle of continuous improvement.

If your organization needs help building that custom app or updating your business technology, don't hesitate to reach out to my startup Append Media. You can also contact me directly through LinkedIn. Thanks for reading!

Christopher Eaton