5 Ways Local Development Delivers Your Wishes

The Benefits of Working with a Local Software Development Company Over a Software Development Company Overseas

As businesses grow, so does their online presence, and many enterprises are becoming increasingly interested in building custom applications for employee use. With so many IT firms providing similar services at competitive rates, it's tempting to buy a premium package overseas.  However, many stakeholders often overlook all the details that go into development, and how to set themselves apart from their competitors. Local software development companies are breaking the barrier of communication and defining a more convenient and relevant way to do business. In this blog we will explore the benefits of working with a local software company over a software development company overseas.

Communication is Key

Businesses who outsource their software development run into constant barriers in communication.  Software companies overseas are usually based on a hierarchy which can make it difficult to get a hold of different departments.  They use automated phone calls and e-mail responses which can make one small change turn into one long wait. In addition, surprise fees for things as simple as a phone conversation can add up quickly and be costly to the businesses budget.

Cut costs and deadlines by opting for a local Software company

While communicating overseas can pose a few challenges, local software companies offer easy access to communication within the same time zone.  Whether it’s sitting down with the development team over coffee, or making a quick phone call to the head of the department, local companies like Append Media strive to make software as fast and smooth as possible.

Passion & Innovation

Local tech companies strive to work with very talented workers. Communication is easier for local software companies which gives them time to put more passion into innovative products. Part of that innovation is understanding the audience, and what are successful tools to get them engaged. This is especially significant when creating a visually appealing custom app, and these factors will come into play.  From color theory, to information hierarchy, and even language choice, these can look vastly different depending on the perspective of the development team.

Understanding Competitors

Meanwhile, companies overseas have a lot of orders, and their goal is to get the software made quickly often generically using templates.  This can especially become a barrier when companies are starting out since local software development companies are familiar with the local market which includes competitors and companies that have had proven success with similar products.  This makes them more prone to deadlines and serves as a great advantage for Fortune 1000 companies who are seeking to increase their competitive advantage.

Support The Community

Local Software companies are developing desktop and web applications that show innovation, passion, and a competitive edge over many large tech companies overseas. These companies are cutting costs and wait time. From direct communication to individualized product attention, it’s easy to understand why so many businesses are opting out of communicating overseas and keeping their product launches within their community. For an in-depth look at how a local company can accomplish your development-related business objectives, email Append Media to brainstorm your next project.