New Product Development & System Maintenance by Append Media

Agile Development

Append Media is an Agile development team made of people with a passion for expertly crafted software and business apps. Our agility as a company allows us to produce better custom software at a faster pace, and it allows us to respond to challenges and changes quickly and efficiently. When you work with us, you know that what you are getting will be a quality product delivered on time.

We’ll Help Plan What You Need

You know your company’s needs best, and we know the technology that can help you fill those needs. Our requirement planning service helps you see exactly how your needs will be met with our software, and it helps us see what we can do for you. Requirement planning is our way of making sure the software we send you at the end of our process will fully solve your problem or issue.

  • Collaborating and consulting on software needs to develop your custom solution.
  • Planning for the unique software requirements that fit how your business works.

Turning Ideas into Great Applications (Apps)

Have a great idea for an app that can help your business? We can build it for you. We’ll handle everything from the design to the code and bring you unique web or mobile business tools that can harmonize your business and your technology. With our development skills, we can take your ideas and turn them into effective tools to help your business. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can relax knowing that your app is being built to your expectations.

  • Our unique R&D process has stood the test of time and consistently delivers high-calibre solutions to our clients. We know how to take your idea and make it a reality.
  • Whether it involves databases, APIs, dashboards, or integrations, we make it all work in harmony for you.

  • Our team is highly motivated, communicative, and collaborative - we work with your business to lay a platform for success… then we make it happen.

Software at Any Scale

Large businesses need technology that can handle their particular needs. If you’re looking for scalable software that can work across small teams or entire organizations, we can do that for you. We use the .net framework to create your enterprise-level software for forecasting, supply chain management, and other large-scale business processes. We can also update aging windows programs for you to fit the needs of more modern users.

  • Microsoft .Net framework for better, more modern enterprise software.
  • Node.js runtime environment for more secure and more efficient web apps.

Prepare for the Cloud

Cloud computing is increasingly becoming an important part of a company’s success, and many organizations are turning to this technology as a way to save money and work more efficiently and productively. Our cloud optimization services can make sure that your software is ready for the cloud and still meets all your business needs. By using this service your company can take full advantage of this new way to handle computing.

  • Reduced operational costs by mitigating the need to constantly maintain computing hardware.
  • High-grade security mechanisms to protect your company data - including disk encryption.
  • Build a scalable IT infrastructure that grows with your business, and ready to be scaled back when you want to optimize.
  • Your business can be part of the global solution - when you utilize a cloud provider like Google, you’re powering your business with 100% renewable green power. That’s worth bragging about.

  • Go beyond your competitors by accessing world-class AI, analytics, and big-data tooling only accessible through the power of the cloud.

Service-Level Agreement (SLA) Maintenance

Whether it’s a system built by us or not, we’re glad to perform the routine tasks that ensure all your digital professionals can store, retrieve, and report on your business information with ease. When you sign up for this service, you’re getting a guarantee of response and resolution to your reported tickets. Our experts understand how to maintain a variety of business intelligence related solutions.

  • We specialize in all databases and data warehouses.
  • External and internal integrations with information systems like CRMs and ERPs are common support tasks for our team.
  • Your web and application server issues will be a thing of the past when you’re sending those headaches to us.

We enjoy delivering the digital tools that lead to your competitive advantage. When you’re ready to solve your information overload, we’re always here to prepare best-of-breed Data Warehouse appliances. Business moves fast, reach out today.