The Staying Power Of Sustainable Software

At Append Media, we practice sustainable software development. We make apps that last and will continue to provide a return on investment for years to come. Our value-driven approach to software development and our team of developers help make this a reality, but our interest in sustainability goes much deeper than that.

Cognitive Dissonance

Early in his career, our founder Christopher Eaton was working for a local computer parts store. Even at a small shop like this, the company relied on its business software. In particular, they used point of sale software that helped them out with a number of things except for one crucial detail. If someone was returning a part, the company would look that part up by serial number to make sure it matched the receipt, but the software this company used had no easy way to do this. This left whoever was processing the return to manually sort through all the sales until the right sale was found and the product could be returned.

If that doesn’t sound so bad, put yourself in the shoes of the person working there and possibly doing several returns a day, or if that’s not convincing, imagine being the person who went to the shop thinking they would get in, return their item, and get out in the space of a few minutes. Still not convinced? Think of the people in line behind the person returning the item who would all be waiting while whoever’s at the desk manually looks up a serial number. The process was tedious and time-consuming, but because of the limitations of the software there wasn’t much they could do.

Creating Connected Experiences

Fortunately for them, our founder understood the power of leveraging custom development for business competitive advantage, and he decided to fix the problem. He made a simple tool that would allow whoever was processing the return to scan the database for the proper serial number. It was an easy fix, but over the years it saved the company plenty of time and money. Almost a decade later, that business was still using the same tool that Append Media’s founder built. This company spent a small amount of upfront money for the work and ended up with a software solution that permanently fixed a persistent problem.

That idea of finding permanent solutions to problems is what comes out of our other pillars. As a development team, when we focus on stability, scalability, and security, what we get is sustainable software, the kind of software that will be useful for years and will provide a consistent return on a company’s investment. For us, sustainability is all about intelligent constraint on what we do. We aren’t trying to make the biggest software that can solve all the business problems in the world; instead, we’re interested in helping solve your company’s particular problem and making sure that year after year, your problems are solved.

Modern Solutions On Demand

That’s how we practice sustainable software development, but what is sustainable software development? Sustainable software development combines practices of Kanban, Scrum, and eXtreme Programming to deliver software to the company quickly with an increase in reliability and business agility, and a decrease in the total cost of ownership of applications. In other words, we make software for the long term. A small computer parts store was using some of our founder’s software for years. What could our sustainable software do for your business or your industry? Feel free to contact us to find out.