The Four Pillars of Append Media

Software doesn’t just appear out of thin air. It’s crafted and produced by dedicated teams of people all pulling together to get the job done. This takes focus and attention to detail, but it also takes a company with values. Here at Append Media, we focus our work around four pillars that help us deliver some of the best in custom business software and apps: Stability, Scalability, Sustainability, and Securability. These four are how we operate as a company and how we work on projects that we do for our clients. We use them to help guide both our work and the direction we go as a business.


When we make something for a client, we make a product that lasts. We aren’t in the business of making temporary solutions so that we can get paid and split; instead, we are constantly looking for ways to fully solve a client’s problems over the long term. Our emphasis on stability does this by making sure the software we deliver is simple, elegant, and above all, lasting. Our approach to this for projects is to make sure that before we deliver on a project, we’ve already created test users and test cases to ensure that our products are working correctly and will continue to work as long as they are needed. And if something we make does encounter an error, we build error reports into the app so that we can fix it and get things up and running again as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

This emphasis on stability ensures that the product a client gets at the end of the process is going to actually be a solution to the problem. We don’t make quick fixes, and we don’t make products that will only work for the short-term. What we do is make sure that year after year, our client’s problems are fully solved.


Stable software is something to strive for, but it isn’t our only focus. We also want to make our software work at any scale and for any size of company. The way we do this is through what we call epics and stories. If these terms are unfamiliar, one way to think of them would be as large-scale goals and the smaller steps along the way needed to accomplish those goals. An epic could be something as broad as a client wanting to improve productivity. That’s a huge goal to try to accomplish, but since it’s so large, it can be broken down into its component parts.

We help our clients finish their epics by writing their stories. Arranging the work in this order also helps us and our clients to see which stories will be needed to finish an epic. Depending on the size and scope of the epic, a client might need more stories, or they may need just one. Our job is to make sure that our clients are getting the right number of stories to complete their epics. This also adds a level of clarity between us and our clients that is hard to come by with other R&D companies. Our clients get a clear idea of what stories they are getting and how that adds to their epic, so there are no surprises. By the time we deliver our software solutions, everyone involved already knows all the steps and how each is contributing to the epic.

Epics and stories also help with scalability because as companies get larger, their epics become more complicated and they require more stories to complete. Even though that’s the case, our model can scale with the company, and our software will still be usable even if our client is growing.


Sustainability has a broader meaning that as a company we support, but in terms of our projects, we guarantee the sustainability of our software by ensuring that we’ve carefully documented each step of the way and made complete training guides for users. That way, even apart from us, our software will still be usable for our clients.

We take the long view on our projects, and this makes us constantly ask ourselves whether or not our practices are sustainable and our projects are lasting. For our clients, the result of this emphasis is a product they can depend on for years, not just because they will know that they can train others to use the software, but also because they are sure that we designed the software to be useful to them over the long-term.

This goes hand-in-hand with our focus on stability, but for us, sustainability means making sure that the way we conduct business and the way we operate is sustainable as well. We have an eye for long-term success that we bring to all that we do, and this helps our customers make sure they see a longstanding return on their investment.


Security is not something people should have to worry about, and we make sure that our clients don’t when they are using our software. In addition to our encryption and technical security measures, we make sure that our software also comes with carefully crafted user management systems. This allows our clients to put user hierarchies in place that separate administrators, viewers, and editors, and it allows for more control over who can access which parts of the software. Mostly, this feature reduces confusion and the possibility of error among the users, but it also gives our clients a greater amount of control over their software’s security.

We take security very seriously as a company. The risk of information exposure can be a problem with R&D companies, but here at Append Media, we are constantly working to keep everything we do secure. We work with confidential and proprietary data from our customers, and we don’t let that information out under any circumstance. Information security is always our priority, so our clients know that when they work with us, all their information is going to be safe.

The Append Media Pillars in Practice

These four pillars guide everything we do as a company from the way that we conduct business to the way that we work on individual client projects. All four help us deliver quality custom software with a level of care and responsibility that can help our clients be sure that what they are getting from us will give them a return on their investment.

To see how we can work for you, contact us. With the four pillars of the company providing a solid base for our work, you can know~ that the software we deliver is going to provide value for years to come.