Your Security is Our Priority

Cyber Security

Secure data and information are not things that people think about very often. This is mainly because security is directly built into most apps, and the end user doesn’t really need to think about whether their apps are secure. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that not all app security measures work at the same level, and security is constantly evolving to keep up with people who are trying to circumvent it. This lack of attention to security has created several high-profile and very public security breaches over the last few years. These are bad for a company, bad for business, and probably very bad for the public reputation of a company, since it causes their customers to worry about the security of their information as well.

User Security

Another thing to keep in mind is that security isn’t all about preventing hackers, either. Sometimes people with malicious intent try to get past an app’s security, but often, security breaches can be the fault of something as innocuous as using the same password on different websites and then having the security measures on a site change. Even something as commonplace as that can lead to exposed information if people aren’t careful.

Custom-Tailored Service

Here at Append Media, we want to make sure that our clients aren’t worried about their security and that’s why we advise on the security measures that can be taken to make sure that all our clients’ information is safe. At our most basic, we make sure we are aware of whether the app we are building for our client is facing the internet or facing the client’s internal network. Knowing that changes many of the security measures we put in place, but on top of that we also advise on other kinds of security measures as well.

Innovative Tools

Password protection is always a suggested measure, but we also use two-factor authentication to protect our apps. Two-factor authentication means that to get access to something, you need both a password and usually some physical object. If you enter a password and are then asked for a phone number that a code can be sent to, that is two-factor authentication. That kind of security makes it much harder to hack because even if someone who shouldn’t have it can get the password, they probably won’t have a person’s phone as well.

Collaborative Approach

Speaking of access, we also make sure that our apps come with specific user hierarchies in place that can either limit or expand access as our customers need. In terms of security, this ensures that only specific user groups have access to particular parts of the app. An administrator, for example, is going to need a different level of access than an average user, so we are sure to build that kind of security into our apps as well.

Progressive Design

Depending on a client’s needs and existing security policies, we can change the type of security measures we implement, but overall, we know that data security is important and constantly changing. We make it a priority to offer apps that are secure, so our clients don’t have to worry about becoming the next high-profile security breach that ends up in the news. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our security measures and what we can do to help keep your information safe.