Project: BI Dashboard

Clearly Connected: Sales Data to Supply Chains

This 3-stripe apparel company is driven by its mission statement - “be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle.” While that commitment is still a fiery passion, the company wanted help better connecting sales reps to their data. Here’s how we brought 3-stripe apparel team's philosophy to life and implemented it digitally to sales reps across the globe.

Preliminary Pain: Energized Endpoints Seek Uniform Data

The 3-stripe apparel company not only wanted to improve the collaboration between teams in the supply chain, they also wanted to optimize the process of forecasting - streamline all aspects related to storing, retrieving, and reporting on data. For years the process was executed on desktop spreadsheets and shared in emails. Through its “BI Dashboard” project, 3-stripe apparel co. empowers sales reps to work in web-based spreadsheets without the need to manually share documents.

Now, a relational database securely maintains data governance as reps easily access article forecasts from any device, globally. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s a powerful example of the innovative thinking that company reps love. So, how could we increase communication effectiveness between hundreds of employees… and the thousands of retailer partners worldwide?

Replacing Legacy Technology Benefits Customer Delivery

We re-engineered a business process to take the redundant-labor inefficiencies from outdated-desktop-software protocol, eliminating workload for sales rep, system admins, and financial reporting teams. The platform for this responsive-web app was the Kendo.UI library, a collection of libraries with the ability to expanded into full-scale, enterprise software. Through this digital transformation, we collaborated with everyone that will encounter the finished product. And by documenting the process, we improved the maintainability even further.

Spreadsheet Hero Saves the Day

The BI Dashboard app was unanimously successful and it was fully adopted with minimal training. Now, over 150 reps are able to react as a team to dynamically changing fashion conditions. There is clarity among all teams along the supply chain through improved data governance and beautifully crafted user interfaces. With the improved forecasting and enhanced reporting capabilities, this 3-stripe apparel company will continue to remain the global leader of the athleisure market.