Project: Point of Sale

Networks Need Immediate Information

Aevi transitioned from challenges with inventory visibility to successful control of the entire supply chain with custom-restaurant, information management system.

Declining Data Connection Deals Doom

The trouble started with lack of control over inventory. As inefficiencies began to impact product-pricing strategies, an advisor recommended Append Media. After the complimentary consultation, there were a list of three areas to improve tracking and monitoring of Aevi inventory: receiving, preparation, and meal portions. The new system’s dashboard has all the company’s assets available for supervision and analysis.

Patch Product Problems by Understanding UPC to Use

With goals of 30 stores within three years, Aevi invested in custom software because the new functionality meant more accurate control of inventory both on-site and within the new network.

Project Produces ~400% ROI, Per Manager

With the ~$3,792 ($24 * 158 manager hours/year) of annual saving per site, the cost of $1,000/user/year is justifiable because the savings scales with every new store.