Project: Site Rebuild

Legacy Website Revamped with Solid Site Structure that Saves Time

In order for the franchise-driven, business model of Papa Murphy’s International (PMI) to be successful, there must be a simple method to allow potential candidates to apply for ownership of a store. When thousands of applicants submit uniquely formatted spreadsheets, it takes hundreds of labor hours to ingest and transform the data into meaningful information

Growth Requires New Participation; as Growth Gains

For 10 years, the process was executed through the submission of excel-based spreadsheets. One person compiled the information and aggregated the disparate data. Potentially weeks later, the list of qualified candidates would make its way in front of the decision maker's eyes. To facilitate the type of company growth stakeholders desired, a more streamlined system would need to be implemented.

Reduce Variability of Input to Optimize Output

As Append uncovered Papa Murphy's most important requirements, the ability to quickly process applications was a top concern. Therefore, our recommendation centered around a web-based application that would reduce the labor burden of preparing data from applicants.

Project Procures Reusable Resource, Cash Savings

An entire full-time position worth of labor was able to be allotted to new tasks thanks to the time-savings of this project.