Project: Datawall

Student Scores Detour Teacher Tutelage

The current system was leading toward the need for teachers assistants to track test scores, until Append built a better way.

Metric Monitoring Meets Scaling Snag

As class size grows, and each students take more and more tests throughout the year, it becomes too great a challenge to manually track student’s grades. 

Modern Mentality Demands Digital Advantage

Monitoring and controlling data are best left to the experts, computers. When Append and PPS got together to talk about an ideal solution, the focus was squarely directed at a better way to sort and prioritize student-test scores. The result, a web application that executes the complex logic necessary to save teachers time and enhance data analytics for administrators.

Identify Where to Invest More Resources

Standardized testing paired with defined process analysis leads to face-to-face time between the teacher and the right students. Stakeholders considered the project a success due to the decrease of teacher resistance about score tracking and the increase in average of class-test scores. The product was rolled out to dozens of other schools with similar impacts.

It was a combination of a six-month, dedicated development effort focusing on an internal web app that led to an increase in task efficiency and a decrease to teachers personal resource expense. Two months of planning and aftercare created a 360-degree view of before and after the project to precisely analyze preparation, execution, and results.