3 Reasons to Trust Reputation Over Status Quo

Clear Goal: a human-centric, dynamic approach to business processes that incorporates intelligent automation wherever appropriate.

This is what I think

The IT Staffing industry is behind the times of modern customer-centered design. As a consumer, I should know what I’m buying is as I expect it to be. If there’s any confusion, the seller takes responsibility. That may seem naive, but it’s how commerce grows-trust. When I look at the Portland development landscape of 2019, there is something missing-accountability. If you’ve ever paid for coding that missed the mark, you know that time and material rates still apply and that’s a sunk cost.

Append Media believes in satisfaction-guaranteed service. We create transparency of what your final solution will be with our in-depth discovery phase at the beginning of every project. This step insures expectations are established and met. Also, it helps with billing-if you don’t approve and accept it, then you don’t pay for it-guaranteed. We’ve heard resounding reviews from our clients about our consultative approach.

This is who thinks the same and why it supports me

The Sales Team and Merchandisers at Adidas North America rave about our quality-agile development. The Marketing Operations Senior Manager was using Mindtree and InfoSys with meager results that lacked clarity of expectations. Since choosing Append Media as a preferred vendor, Adidas projects are completed quicker and on budget every time. That’s why they’re ecstatic about our version of software development.

This is why my thoughts matter

Every year 59% of projects go over budget, (Gartner). In contrast, 0% of our projects go over budget. Our road-tested process addresses the three biggest project problems: manage costs, hit deadlines, and share info across teams. When your project absolutely must hit the target, you can trust Append Media.