When To Use Business Intelligence (BI) Software

Do you have performance goals?

For instance, do you want to drive as many sales as possible within your capacity?

Are you ready to save time?

Studies have shown that more than 52% of data entry and report generation can be automated. How best could you use this time?

Does your BI software meet our recommendations?

You’re likely to get better results if your enterprise system is already getting at least 100+ users and 1000+ different inventory items before you enable BI software. This isn’t a requirement but this kind of attribute helps the company ensure positive ROI within months.

Do you have digital growth initiatives in place now?

Though you’ll need BI software to enable many analytical features, we do have strategies that don’t require this if it isn’t for you. If you’re ready to get started with your digital-growth initiative, click here to setup a meeting with a BI expert.