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Development Service

Append provides a robust, skilled, and expertly crafted development service that evolved to fit the needs of our customers. Your project is guided through a well-defined workflow, moving from start to finish - idea to reality. Imagine if you and your team could be celebrating the successful launch of your organization’s newest database, automation, or spreadsheet dashboard in less than 6 months?


If you’re in business you know all about spreadsheets, Excel, Google Sheets, etc. Spreadsheets power the business world, but they do have limitations. When your organization starts to grow, cracks in processes powered by spreadsheets begin to show. The traditional way of moving your carefully crafted processes forward becomes unstable, unscalable, or just downright frustrating. Append can help. We build amazing web-based dashboards that bring users together and provide a stable, sustainable, and scalable platform to work on.


You live in a data empowered world. Businesses are embracing the analytical and insightful results that a strong database architecture can provide. You know that as your business grows, so must the information it captures, and a poor implementation early on, can cost your organization big long-term. Our team knows how to clean, organize, structure, and support database solutions, from small application databases, to data-warehouses that power reporting engines. Isn’t it time your organization took the next leap forward?


It’s a connected world. Your world is your business - and maybe the communication and delivery of information is vital to operations. If your team members are suffering from fatigue or are tired of tedious and repetitive work, a form of automation may be able to help. Our team connects systems that normally won’t talk together - we work with a wide range of third party partners like Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Safetec, and others. Our skilled team can build you tools and apps that make tedious work a simple click of the button. Don’t let disconnected teams and systems bring your business to its knees. Append has the team to build the right tools, systems, and applications so you can streamline processes, and reduce costs.


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